Serial killer whom admits to killing seven international ladies and girls shocks Cyprus

Police have already been accused of failing continually to correctly investigate initial persons reports that are missing.

A GUY who has got confessed to killing seven international females and girls in Cyprus has been examined on extra costs of raping a international woman he had photographed being a model

The reviews in court by Criminal research Department Chief Neophytos Shailos had been the latest development in an incident which includes surprised the eastern Mediterranean area country, price both the justice minister as well as the authorities chief their jobs that resulted in strong critique of negligence.

Police are accused of failing woefully to correctly investigate initial lacking individuals reports that may have conserved the everyday lives of later victims.

Shailos told a court in Nicosia that the suspect had raped the woman in his car on the outskirts of the capital in early 2017 when he picked her up to supposedly give her the photographs today.

He stated the army that is 35-year-old had videoed the so-called rape on their phone.

The lady, a 19-year-old international resident, had called the suspect’s spouse at that time and informed her exactly just what had occurred, he stated. Saiba Mais