Non-linearity and its own Implications for Compensatory Gender Display

Both descriptive statistics and regression email address details are presented utilizing the PSID home loads, that are re-scaled to normal one when you look at the full test of each and every 12 months, to really make the loads from various years comparable. The weight must be constant for each couple, so we use the household weight from the first year the couple is observed 10 for panel models .

Husbands’ average housework hours are stable around 7 hours each week while spouses’ typical housework hours fall considerably, from 19.5 hours each week within the very early duration to 14.5 hours each week when you look at the belated duration. The styles in spouses’ typical amount of time in housework noticed in this sample follow trends documented somewhere else, although we find small improvement in husbands’ housework hours on the duration, while some are finding a growth in guys’s housework time (Bianchi et al. 2000; Gershuny and Robinson 1988). Saiba Mais