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‘Alice in Wonderland’ changed literature forever, by not wanting to teach kids, just entertain them

The delights of nonsense

On July 4, 1862, a math that is little-known at Oxford, Charles Dodgson, went on a boat trip with his friend, Reverend Robinson Duckworth, Alice Liddell along with her two sisters. The day that is next beneath the pen name Lewis Carroll, he began writing the story he made up for the girls — what he first called the “fairy-tale of ‘Alice’s Adventures Under Ground.’”

As Alice fell down, down, down the rabbit hole, so too have Carroll lovers after her, trying to explain just how Wonderland made such waves that are huge children’s literature. So how exactly does some sort of with a cat that is disappearing hysterical turtle, and smoking caterpillar capture and hold readers’ imaginations, old and young from on occasion? It might seem obvious, but at that time, Carroll’s creation broke the rules in unprecedented ways that are new.

They departed from prior children’s books, which served as strict moral compasses in Western puritanical society, eventually adding more engaging characters and illustrations once the years passed.

But by the time Carroll started recording his tale, children had a genre to call their particular, and nonsense that is literary just taking off. The scene was set for Alice.

Written during the first Golden Age of Children’s Literature, Carroll’s classic is an absurd yet magnificently perceptive kind of entertainment unlike anything that came before or even after it. Saiba Mais