NPR’s Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks with ny circumstances Chief Fashion Critic Vanessa Friedman concerning the closure of Barneys shops


Barneys, the true luxury division string, could see its doorways closed once and for all. Since filing for bankruptcy, Barneys stores have already been shutting through the entire nation, and, in an additional blow, its many iconic storefront can be in peril. The Barneys ny on Madison Avenue in Manhattan ended up being a tourist spot and a well liked when it comes to ladies in HBO’s “Intercourse And the populous city.”


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: (As character) So which region do you really vote in?

SARAH JESSICA PARKER: (As Carrie Bradshaw) Whichever one is near Barneys.

GARCIA-NAVARRO: Fashion’s cool young ones and designers were frequently showcased in store activities. It defined luxury for the generation. Vanessa Friedman is the main fashion critic when it comes to ny instances, and she joins me personally now. Welcome.

VANESSA FRIEDMAN: sweet to speak with you.

GARCIA-NAVARRO: Barneys is sort of woven to the textile of the latest York in a manner that i believe few other outlets that are retail. We already talked about “Intercourse together with City,” but there are various other films and television shows, particularly “Will & Grace,” where in fact the character, Jack, wound up finding a work at Barneys.


SEAN HAYES: (As Jack McFarland) Where are the cashmere V-neck sweaters? In the 2nd flooring. And exactly how do i am aware? Because i acquired a working work at Barneys.

GARCIA-NAVARRO: the facts concerning the store that managed to get an element of the zeitgeist by doing so?

FRIEDMAN: As soon as the Barneys on Madison Avenue started, it had been such as the symbol that is ultimate of specific types of ny design during the time, that was, you understand, type of cutting-edge, type of elitist, type of inaccessible but in addition profoundly glamorous and extremely aspirational to everybody else. Saiba Mais